On behalf of NARSA, we welcome you to post your messages of condolence that we’ll make sure makes its way to the Smith family at this very sad time. We’d like you to share your special memories of Walter, whether it be the joys and successes he delivered for us on the pitch, or any personal experiences you enjoyed of the man himself. We will use a selection of these on a very special NARSA Podcast dedicated to the memory of The Gaffer. Thanks a million.

Gary Gillan
President, NARSA

Your messages

Condolences to the Smith family, he was a true gentleman and for me a great club manager that I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of times at the NARSA conventions, which was an absolute honour. He always had time for fans and the loss is deep to all those who knew and admired Walter. Thank you for the memories, you are a true legend who will be missed. Rest In Peace Gaffer

Sandra Hawthorn, Toronto #1 RSA

Having had 18 years at hospitality at Ibrox i was lucky enough to meet Sir Walter Smith on many occasions, but one will always stay in my heart forever, we went over to Cyprus 🇨🇾 to watch Rangers play FC Famagusta at the same time one of my best friends Leslie Spiteri was there on holiday with his family from London so i arranged for him and his family to come to the team’s hotel to meet Walter and the team. Walter arranged for Leslie son Danny to meat the players ( unfortunately Victoria was too shy at that time only 4 and clingy to her dad 😂 ) after meeting the players he presented Danny with his own shirt with WS on it as a gift, young Danny will treasure forever and to this day is a season ticket holder in the Copeland Rear. this was the effect Walter had with his fans a man who will be sadly missed but never forgotten RIP Sir Walter Smith.Hugh Ishbel Victoria Searle 💔😔

Hugh, Ishbel and Victoria Searle, Bramalea RSC

Our deepest condolences to everyone connected to Rangers and the Smith family.

Ian Miller, Philadelphia Loyal Supporters Club

How is it that someone who you have never met can have such a personal impact on you? Many in professional sport achieve a level of professional greatness. Few do it with such grace and class. Thanks for leading by example Walter and showing us just how we all should strive to conduct ourselves personally and professionally.
So sad to see you go so soon.

Ian Dalrymple, Toronto Midtown RSC

I was not one of the fortunate ones that got to meet Walter, however he made my Dads 80th birthday. He took time, which is one of the most precious gifts you can give anyone and called my Dad. They blethered on the phone for about 15/20 minute as if they were old pals, from reading all the tributes, seems like this is how Walter rolled. He even offered to be a travelling companion for my Dad to ensure he made it to the NARSA convention which unfortunately didn’t happen due to the restrictions. My best Rangers memories are all down to Walter and I will be forever thankful to him for those. Rest easy Walter and keep an eye over all at Ibrox. 🤍

Debbie Carey, Rangers Supporters Club of Calgary

Walter, you were the hero we all needed. I was privileged to see you manage in real life and even shared the corridor with you just one time when I got to visit Ibrox.
Thank you for everything.

Scott Casey, DVRSC

Met Walter when we were together at Dundee Utd in 1973. Played together for 2yrs. Knew him for nearly 50 yrs and a finer man you could not meet. A true Ranger in every sense. He loved the club and everything it stands for but he was more than that. A top man who’s company was always fun and engaging.. I like everyone who met him will miss him hugely. RIP Walter.

Andy Gray

Walter: Simply the Best.

James Crawford, Toronto Central

Rip from Australia. Known and respected worldwide. Thank you for your service and great memories.

Ken Paul

Mr. Rangers. You were an absolute gentleman, everything a Rangers man should be and a delight to talk to. I hope you realise how many lives you touched and how many happy memories you created for those lives. May you rest in peace sir.

Clark Matthew

We have lost one of the greatest managers Rangers ever had. condolences to Walters family at this sad time.

Jack Connor, Cobourg Canada



thanks for the special memories gaffer

Brian Sommerville, john brown loyal

Superb Manager – legend is so many ways. We pride ourselves in having great teams, players and managers at our club and Walter Smith will be remembered as an all time great. I hope we name an Ibrox Stand after him and allow his legacy to live on for evermore.
RIP – Walter Smith.


I’m devastated at the news of Walter’s passing. He gave me some of the best memories of my life from age 8 as that’s when I first fell in love with rangers. My thoughts are with Ethel and family. GBNF as a true Legend never dies x


The outpouring of grief from every part of Glasgow, Scotland and the world has been quite incredible. The story about the young lad with a broken leg who only wanted to support his favourite team was one I wasn’t aware of before…. Never mind the four lads who had a dream. This young boy had one too and not only followed his dream, he became responsible for one of the five stars on every Rangers jersey that both players and fans pull on for every match.
Thanks for the memories Mr Smith!!!!!

Martin Allan, Niagara True Blues

I had a table at the Rangers Charity night in Glasgow Hilton and as always my mother who was 73 attended . She was in a wheelchair at our table and Walter was surrounded by security to let him enjoy his dinner. I asked if he could come and say hello after as she was a massive Rangers and Walter fan .
After the meal he came and sat with her for at least 15 mins , talked away to her . It made her night , her year and many to come. He had a wonderful way of talking that was engaging and funny . She said it was just like talking to an ordinary man and that was what was great about him , he never forgot where he came from or that the fans mattered
A true gentleman fantastic leader and all time Rangers great . I am sure they will both be watching down on the team today . .

Alec Grant, Big Apples Bears New York

One of a kind, they don’t come any better. Heart felt condolences to the family.

John Robertson, Ibrox Exiles

I met Walter a couple of times, when I say I met him I mean that I spent a few minutes in a 1 on1 situation. First time was a wedding where his sons were schoolmates of the groom,. At that time I’m pretty certain he was assistant. Next time was in the bar long after bombers testimonial dinner on a Sunday night had not ended. Both times I remember a genuine , humble bluenose. I’m privileged to have spent longer with the likes of bomber, coisty, durranty etc. They’re all great guys and company. Walter, and his family take it to a better level. When I think/remember Walter I see a genuine person, brought up to be respectful of elders etc (Struth?). And the thing I remember most when talking to my on the pitch idols is no-one has a bad word to say about their gaffer. On the other hand they had lots to say about GS’s management style. Walter knew how to bring the best out of people..

Geoff, Melbourne City Loyal

True Rangers legend. Rangers football club will miss your loyalty and commitment Fans around the world send the condolences to the Smith Family

Robert Collins, Rockingham west Australia

Walter Smith, a legendary manager, a Rangers supporter, a person of integrity who you could trust, a great family man, but most important of all he was one of us, one of the people. Walter will always be around Ibrox in one way or another because he’ll never be forgotten by us. 😢 🇦🇺

Frank Barrett, Melbourne Glasgow Rangers Supporters club

I have met Walter Smith on three occasions at Ibrox, with both my sons, courtesy of my sister in law. He was a truly down to earth person and deserved all his success in his football career. It is an extremely sad occasion, for all in Scottish football, especially us TRUE BLUE RANGERS SUPPORTERS. Special condolences to all his family.

Watson McIlveen, Russell Mc Ilveen, Gavin McIlveen, Rockingham Rangers Supporters Club in Western Australia

A proud and passionate man, inspirational leader and astute tactician. A humble persuasive influencer, shepherd of the blue and white army. You gave me some of the best times of my life, I grew up travelling home and away from cradle to grave through nine in a row, I was there for your second successful tenure too and was at the match in Manchester a few years before I moved to Australia – one of your many highlights.

Sleep well gaffer, your legacy is assured and immortal . Monty – Melbourne City Loyal Formally George Soutar Loyal – Moodiesburn

James Montgomery, Melbourne City Loyal, Australia

All I know is that Sir Walter Smith was a true gentleman so much loved by so many people, I loved going to every game not just to see the team but to watch Walter doing wat he done best, thank you for all your hard work Rest Easy Walter

Stewart Whiteside, Rockingham supported club WA

My sincere condolences for the tremendous loss of a great man.
Sir Walter was always there for the fans and I was so honoured to have met him on several occasions. Not once did he shun anyone, always a gentleman with a smile that would melt the hardest heart.
I hope this wee message brings you some comfort at this heartbreaking time Mrs Smith & family. Haggis hugs to you all.
Rest easy Sir Walter and thanks for all the memories xx
Fly high in blue heaven you will never be forgotten 🇬🇧 🙏 x #legend

Nancy Honeyball, Argyll

To the father of the rangers family you gave us so many special memories over the years and for that we will hold you forever in our hearts. Simply the best ! Once a legend, always a legend !

Caroline Campbell

First & foremost, Walter was an absolute gentleman both on and off the park. I was lucky enough to meet him at a golf tournament and the amount of times Walter was asked for an autograph, or to have his picture taken with a fan was unbelievable….and he did so willingly with that trademark smile. Where do you start with Rangers memories with Walter at the helm of our club, he gave the worldwide Rangers family so many highs yet remained humble and courteous at all times never losing his cool (apart from THAT Chick Young interview). Walter just seemed to have a knack at getting the very best of out his players whether they were not yet household names or huge megastars….he had a way of gelling them into a team that fought hard for each other and refused to be beaten. Simply put, Walter Smith epitomised exactly what it meant to be the Manager of Glasgow Rangers showing class at all times and was very highly regarded across the football globe. Walter is a Rangers legend in every sense of the word and will quite rightly always be regarded as such. Hopefully at some point in the near future, our club will have either a stand or perhaps Edmiston House re-named after the great man, it would be a fitting tribute and a permanent reminder of the loyal and devoted service Walter gave to our great club.

My deepest condolences go out to Walter’s family – and also my thanks to them for sharing their Father, Grandfather, Husband with his beloved team The Famous Glasgow Rangers….the red, white & blue.

Rest easy Gaffer, you were and always will be ‘simply the best’.

Duncan Kee, Rockingham Rangers Supporters Club (Perth, Western Australia)

Walter you touched my heart when you left us I have never met you but to do that makes you a true legend

Billy Russell, Rockingham

Today was a heavy Heart day reflecting on the impact Walter Smith impacted on me and driven my passion to Follow Follow.

A True Gent… A True Blue… A True Ranger…..

Mine and my Family’s condolences go out to the Gaffers family at this sad time.

Simply The Best

Scott Greig, Downtown Vancouver RSC

We had some ups and downs, some terrible years, but then came Walter. He not only took us back to the top, but he created an indelible legacy, the blueprint of the Rangers DNA. He gave us pride to match our passion and then when we needed him again, he came back and repaired us. That 3-in-a-row meant so much. That charge to Manchester. He made us a joy to watch and he passed that on to Stevie G. So glad he was able to see 55 and the continuation of what he built. He was one of the people. He was Rangers. We will never be able to thank him enough, or pay a big enough tribute. This is a day we feel blue, but not in the good way. Simply the Best.

Colin Bowman, Orlando

I just want to pass on my condolences and my thanks for everything Walter Smith did for Rangers He was the architect of many of my happiest memories. The Gaffer will be missed. WATP

Gordon Kennedy, Bramalea Glasgow Rangers Supporters Club

I recall the first convention I attended in Florida with my brothers. We were honoured to sit at a table with Walter’s wife and son during the Saturday banquet along side of Colin stein and his wife. What an honour. Then a few years later while living in Glasgow I had the opportunity to meet him casually (well as casual as you could act around Sir Walter Smith!) at ‘29’ Glasgow where he frequented. I was in awe. No words. So many lovely memories from my parents and grandparents and brothers of the history of the man . The legend. I’m honoured.

Lorraine Spence, London Ontario Rangers Supporters Club

Like most Rangers fans some of my best memories of Rangers were under Walter Smith. Not just because of the success but the players he managed that became heroes to me. Laudrup, Gazza, Hateley and of course Super Ally. Walter brought the best out in his players and it showed both on the park and in the respect he was shown by anyone uttering his name. He was a true legend and I am utterly devastated at his passing. Rest In Peace Gaffer.

Chris Lovatt

You were ‘simply the best ‘ Walter, thanks for glorious memories, rest in peace gaffer, sincerest condolences to the family.

Ian Robertson, Niagara True Blues

Deepest condolences to the Smith family with your loss of a great man, a father and a grandfather.

To the Rangers family we have lost “our gaffer”, “a legend”, “a gentleman”, it’s with a heavy heart we would like to say rest easy Sir and thank you for the memories.

RIP Walter Smith 💙❤

Ange Mclennan, ORSA Secretary

As a Canadian Rangers supporter I’ve been following the team passionately from afar, and the run of success Walter Smith engineered brought so many moments of joy that I remain grateful for. Having a chance to visit Scotland with my father to see two winning matches during Walter’s final, championship-clinching season in charge, was beyond special. We lost a truly great man the day Walter Smith passed away. Simply the Best.

John Dalrymple, Toronto Midtown RSC

Having met Walter at various conventions over the years he always treated his fans with respect and listened to their stories even though , I’m sure he had heard the same story many times over he was patient and always the gentleman. Condolences to his family

Pat Downs, Glasgow Rangers Supporters Club Toronto # 1

You represented what makes football the most beautiful sport – A big loss for the community. We will always fondly remember your contributions at Manchester United and memories of the FA cup win.
Condolences to the family and friends. Rest in peace sir.

Manjit Singh

you were simply the best Walter r i p gaffer

Rab Kerr, niagara true blues

Deepest Condolences to the family. I was very fortunate to meet the great man on a few occasions and the memories he brought to us all will never be forgotten.
I’ve lost count of how many fans have been quoted saying it was like losing a family member, but it really was.
His character brought a smile to many faces and the legacy he’s left behind will live with us for the rest of our lives.
You will always be remembered in my eyes as Mr. Rangers.
God Bless Walter RIP! Thanks for the memories!

Craig Donnell, Rangers Supporters Club, Western Australia

I would like to say thanks for the memories and joy of winning many trophies at Rangers Sir, in the 2 spells as manager. I never had the pleasure of meeting you in person but watched from the stands and big Screens as you brought unparalleled success to our club. For this you where already in our hearts as a Great Ranger. Also I would like to say thanks for stepping in at the right time as Chairman at a hectic time for our Great Club.

We will never see the likes again 🙏

Brian Rollo

Hard to find the rights words to describe the loss of our Manager. One of the most very genuine and caring human beings to walk this green earth.
Sincere condolences to Ethel and the Smith Family……Walter you will never ever be forgotten 💔💔💔💔💔💔

Billy Ferguson

I am so very sorry to hear of the passing of the great Sir Walter Smith, an absolute gentleman, 1 of the best Glasgow Rangers managers. I must say most of my great memories of the club is when Walter was in charge, he was class, he achieved so much and all of us from the Rangers family will be forever grateful, you will never be forgotten, sleeptight with the angels. Xx💔 god bless you Sir xX❤🤍💙

Carol Bird

A sad day for the Rangers family worldwide. Walter Smith a true blue and gentleman in every meaning of the words. Thank you for the memories which will live forever. Rest easy Legend.


It was with utter sadness to hear of “ The Gaffer “ passing away. Many heroes have trod the marble staircase. But very few leave the legacy that Mr. Smith has left. Deepest condolences to Mrs. Smith and the rest of the family. Of all the quotes that are connected to our club “ Simply the Best “ is surety befitting “ The Gaffer”. R.I.P. GBNF

Alex Black, Winnipeg Rangers supporters club

Deepest condolences to Walter’s family. A true gentleman and a legend to be remembered forever. It was a great honor to have Walter present at the 2011 NARSA Convention in Orlando. What he achieved will never to be forgotten. Thanks for all the memories and the joys that you brought to everyone in the Rangers family. Rest in Peace Walter!

Jim Taylor, Orlando Rangers Supporters Club

Walter sent us congratulations for our Red, White and Blue wedding in 1993. The telegram delivered by my brother Peter and signed by all the players has pride of place on my wall. God bless them both. R.I.P.

Tommy Brotherston, Niagara True Blues

True blue if ever there was one. Never seen that man with anything out of place, met Mr Smith at a football show very briefly in about 2009, said hello are you here to see us, enjoy your day and shook my hand very firmly. So so sad to hear this , rip gaffer you were ‘ simply the best’

Eric Morton, PUGGY loyal , ayr

My deepest condolences. Will never forget the glory days you brought to our club in both your tenures as our manager. You always conducted business with the highest integrity. My thoughts are with your family at this time.

Andy Burnett, Toronto Midtown RSC

I hope Walter knew how much joy he gave the support and for such a long spell too. Memories he gave us all can never be taken away. I met him briefly at the Walk with Walter charity event at the stadium in 2011 and will cherish that memory.

I, like millions of others, will go to bed with a very heavy heart tonight.

Thank you for the memories, Walter.

Craig R Morton, Rockingham Loyal RSC

We got married at the 2010 NARSA convention in Las Vegas, ‘Elvis’ doing the honours in the presence of a few friends and family attending the convention . On our way back to the hotel for our wedding breakfast we ambled upon the Rangers official party, Mr. Smith, Martin Bain, Kenny McDowell and Jim Stewart. They were kind enough to pose for pictures with us newly-weds and the new bride was delighted to stand alongside Mr. Smith while the groom was elbowed to one side…. He was a very approachable man who had time for anyone. Happy memories, he will be very much missed.

Billy & Beth Read, Bayou City Loyal RSC

Mrs Smith and Family ,

My deepest condolences for your loss . Thank you for sharing such a wonderful man with all of us out here. He was a true gentlemen and a shining example of what we all could be if we dedicate ourselves to something we really love.

Thanks for the memories Gaffer . Rest easy . Watp

Nathan Martin, Rockingham Rangers supporters club (Western Australia )

My condolences to the Smith family.
I was lucky to meet Walter and what a true gentleman he was.
The Rangers family have lost a True Legend thanks Walter for some fantastic memories I will never forget.
Simply The Best RIP.

John Magee, Rockingham RSC Western Australia

In my life, many a famous person has passed and who’s losses have saddened me. However, the news that Walter Smith had passed brought me to tears. Not only was Walter the best Rangers man in my lifetime, his class, humility, sense of duty and sense of humor were the qualities I noticed and admired most in the man. A giant and a gentleman. I will forever remember Walter and will have a smile on my face when I tell my young boys about the legend as they grow up.

Adam Wilson, Melbourne Rangers Supporters Club

My condolences to the whole Smith family. Thank you Gaffer for all you did for our great club. Not just once but, twice. Thank you and rest easy Walter.

Gavin Ramsay, Burlington

Thank-you for some of the happiest memories of my life. Sleep well, Sir.

Dale Renton, MCLRSC

Sir Walter..

You have given Rangers fans all over the world great memories that will never fade, you will always be in our hearts.

Our thoughts are with your wife, children and grandchildren at this terrible time…


From Everyone at Melbourne City Loyal

Rest easy Sir 💙❤💙❤

Derek Warrington, Melbourne City Loyal

Heart felt condolences to the Smith family at this very sad time, stand down Gaffer and rest easy, to me you are simply Mr Rangers.

Steve Paxton, Rockingham rangers supporters club, Western Australia

There will be many great memories shared about Sir Walter, he was truly a gentleman and a legend to the sport.

He not only was a manager, but a great role model that installed into everyone what it was to be apart of our club.

Condolences to his family

Rest In Peace sir Walter

Nicole, Rockingham rangers supporters club, Western Australia

A very sad day for our football club! Thoughts with Walters friends and family at this time, as well as Rangers fans worldwide.

A man who was everything Rangers Football Club stands for. A true Ranger and a true legend!

A man who responsible for some of the greatest days of our lives and who brought so much joy to us, the fans of Glasgow Rangers.

Probably the greatest Rangers manager I will see in my lifetime. He was simply the best.

RIP Sir Walter

Ryan, Dubai Loyal

Condolences to the Smith family.

I had the pleasure of getting my photo taken at a Narsa convention with Walter and I”ll treasure that forever.

Thanks for the memories Walter you will be sorely missed.

John, Ibrox Exiles RSC

From myself and on behalf of the Shankill Road Defenders we would like to pass on our deepest sympathy to Walters family, friends and to Rangers FC.
Walter will always be remembered for his time at Rangers and the time he gave for Rangers up until quite recently.
Thanks for the Memories.
Simply the Best.

Eddie, Shankhill Road Defenders

Like the majority of Rangers fans, most of my best Rangers memories were thanks to Walter Smith. He truly shaped so many years of my childhood and I’ll forever be grateful for the memories he has left me with.
Had the pleasure of attending an evening with Walter Smith event in Glasgow at the start of 2020 and I can hand on heart say that he is the funniest and the most caring gentleman I have had the pleasure of meeting and the memories of that night will live with me forever.
Walter is and was the best of the best. They’re will never be another like him.
I had no idea that the death of someone I hardly knew could leave me feeling numb.

Walter is and was the best of the best. They’re will never be another like him.

He was a legend in every meaning of the word and I am utterly devastated to learn of his passing.

Rest Easy Gaffer🕊🤍


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