NARSA 2022 Tickets – 2 Night Package

The 2 Night Package gives you access to the Official NARSA evening events on the Thursday and Friday nights. It DOES NOT include the Grand Banquet on Saturday Night

  • NARSA Welcome Night
  • Tam Plunkett Blue Night

You will be emailed a separate ticket for each person in the booking. We recommend you either print, take a photo or a screenshot of each ticket and send it to the person who will be using it. They can print it or show it on their phone. Please note tickets will only scan once per event and if it has already been scanned for that event you will not be able to enter so make sure you don’t send the same ticket to 2 different people. The main name on the booking must be able to make themselves available to clear up any ticket issues with people you have purchased tickets for.

We recommend printing the tickets in case there are any network or wifi connection issues that prevent you from opening up emails on your phone at the venue.

Price: $80 + $4.95 booking fee