Oakville True Blues RSC


I’m writing with some sad news. As of today Oakville True Blues RSC will officially close their doors due to challenges securing a venue for ongoing game-watching and socializing. The Oakville club was formed in 2002 by founding members Charlie Davidson, Scott MacLure, Emil Barclay, and Davie Fergusson. Starting off in the Oakville Legion, before moving to Greyfriars pub, then onto their final destination at The Niblick, the members have managed to spread the word of Rangers FC over 16 successful years. The Niblick closes their doors today for 2-months of renos, however the new owners have decided not to invite the club back when it opens up.

While we’re very sorry to lose another NARSA club, this particular story has a somewhat happy ending in that the intent of most members is to move to the Burlington RSC to keep the camaraderie going.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone connected with Oakville True Blues RSC, and all the very best in your new club.

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