FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Send a letter of intent to the NARSA secretary. Sandra Hawthorn 
Include the names,addresses and telephone numbers of all those who are part of your club.
Indicate meeting times and locations and send annual dues.


Where can I find live Rangers games?

NARSA has clubs throughout North America.
Contacts to all clubs can be found by viewing our CLUB DIRECTORY.
Any other questions please contact NARSA secretary. Sandra Hawthorn


How much is membership per year?

Membership is $100 US per club per year. Renewal date is August 1.


Who is involved?

Clubs and individuals located across North America are involved. NARSA hopes to expand to the Caribbean. For a current listing of Clubs please view our CLUB DIRECTORY.


What is the purpose of the Association?

The Association’s goals are to promote closer social interaction amongst North American Rangers Supporters, obtain as many Rangers games as possible and provide a unified voice at Ibrox for our members.


When and Where are the meetings?

Meetings are typically held bi or tri – monthly. Most meeting are held in the Detroit-Toronto corridor as this is where the bulk of the membership resides. We have AGM’s which have alternated between the USA and Canada. Glasgow ’97 has broken this pattern…nine in a row required an alteration to the pattern!! Meeting locations and dates will be announced on this Web Page from hence forth.

Sandra Hawthorn,

NARSA Secretary.