1. Association

1.1 This association shall be known as the North American Rangers Supporters Association Inc., (NARSA Inc).

1.2 NARSA Inc. shall be a non-profit organization and any monies generated shall be used for the general purposes, benevolence and promotion of growth of the association.

1.3 N.A.R.S.A. Inc. is registered as an official supporters association with the Rangers Football Club (Rangers FC), Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland.

1.4 The main objectives of N. A. R. S. A. Inc. are to:

a.) Secure live coverage of the maximum number of Rangers FC games as possible.

b.) Promote social harmony within its own membership and within the Rangers FC global family.

c.) Provide information about NARSA Inc. to interested parties and to encourage new membership.

2. Membership

2.1 NARSA Inc. shall comprise of “Member Clubs” in good standing. Only those Member Clubs who remain in good standing shall be entitled to move, second and vote on any issues pertaining to NARSA Inc.

2.1.i Member Clubs & Associate Member Clubs

NARSA Inc. shall comprise of “Member Clubs” and “Associate Member Clubs” in good standing. Only those “Member Clubs” who remain in good standing shall be entitled to vote on any issues pertaining to NARSA Inc. Any group of Rangers FC Supporters located in one city within North America may obtain/maintain NARSA Inc. membership by paying the NARSA Inc. dues as set by the voting member clubs at the AGM for the Supporters Club Registration to NARSA Inc. at the commencement of the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) season in each calendar year. Individual Supporters / Supporters Clubs that have a NARSA Inc. membership but are not involved in paying for the taking of the Rangers TV feed for the televising of ALL games from the beginning of the SPFL season to its conclusion, through the NARSA Inc. / Rangers TV Agreement shall be deemed an Associate Member Club or Associate Supporters Club within NARSA Inc.

No Supporters Club shall be allowed to subscribe to anything other than the full NARSA Inc. / Rangers TV broadcast agreement during the football season. No Member Club shall include private home memberships in / to Rangers TV for the showing of Rangers FC games live during a SPFL season. All feeds for the games must be through the NARSA Inc. / Rangers TV Agreements to qualify for Full membership in NARSA Inc.

  1. a) The Associate Members or Associate Supporters Clubs shall have no vote on any matter within NARSA Inc.
  2. b) Individual Supporters within North America can apply to become Associate Members of NARSA Inc. via the regular application process. Should a collection of Individual Supporters obtain a membership base of no less than 6 members, they can apply for full Member Club status and must obtain approval from a recorded vote of a minimum of 75% majority in favour of the decision by NARSA Inc. Member Clubs at an AGM before they can be allowed to maintain Full Membership status within NARSA Inc.

2.2 Membership and Attendance at NARSA Inc. meetings shall have no restrictions due to race, religion, gender or age.

2.3 Member Clubs must submit a Membership list and a separate listing of its Executive Members including addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses within two weeks of each individual club’s Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.).

2.4 NARSA Inc. must also be provided with an updated list whenever any changes occur within the local structure of any club. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension of the Member Club.

2.5 NARSA Inc. membership fees shall be set by the member clubs at the A.G.M. and payable to NARSA Inc. by no later than the first day of August of every year.

2.6 New Member Clubs that affiliate after December in any given year shall have their fees for that year pro-rated from the date upon which they will receive full privileges and rights of membership.

2.7 Any application for Club Membership in N.A.R.S.A. Inc. shall require the club seeking membership to complete the required membership application and forward same to the N.A.R.S.A. Inc. Secretary, accompanied by the required membership fee, a membership list of the proposed new club and a list of the proposed Executive of that new club. Also, the new club will provide adequate contact information for at least two persons as well as the name of the new club and the location of their club, including address.

  1. i) If the club seeking membership is located within a 32 km (20 mile) radius of an existing club, then the existing club will be contacted by a member of the Membership Committee to determine if the existing club supports the admission of the new club. Should the existing club object to the new application, they shall provide, in writing, to the Membership Committee, the reason(s) for the objection. Once received, the objection(s) will be brought up at the next General Meeting for discussion and forwarded to all clubs for a vote.
  2. ii) Should the application come from a new club where the members have split from an existing club, then the same procedure would be applied.

iii) If there is a potential loss of revenue to the existing club, N.A.R.S.A. Inc. will adjust game fees to the existing club accordingly.

2.8 In the event that a member club of NARSA Inc. causes or creates any situation that brings the integrity of Rangers FC or NARSA Inc. into disrepute or question, the Executive may take action against the offending member club to rectify the situation. Such action will go to the membership as an Executive recommendation and will require a 2/3rd majority of all eligible member clubs for any punitive action recommended.

2.9 If an individual member of a member club meets with the criteria listed in Section 2.8. And, if the incident becomes cognizant by NARSA Inc., the NARSA Inc. Executive Committee will require that the Member Club take suitable action against the offending member.

2.10 Any member who is found to be using the Association for personal gain shall have his/her membership revoked and banned for life.

3. Executive Officers (And their duties)


a.) NARSA Inc. shall be governed by an Executive Committee elected by Member Clubs every two years, which will take place at an Annual General Meeting.

b.) The Executive Committee shall hold office for two years and to be elected to the Executive Committee one has to be a member in good standing in his/her club for a period of no less that two years. Furthermore, to be elected to the position of President would require the nominated person to have been a member of the NARSA Inc., Executive Committee for a minimum period of two years.

c.) The purpose of the executive meetings shall be to discuss all aspects of the association and submit proposals and recommendations to the membership for their approval.

d.) The executive shall only discuss issues concerning NARSA Inc. when a quorum is in attendance, which is three executive members, one of whom must be the President or the Vice President.

e.) When a quorum does not exist it will be put to the floor for a vote by member clubs whether or not the meeting continues.

f.) Any Executive Member who is absent from Executive meetings without just cause for three consecutive meetings shall be removed from office. This action will not require a “vote of no confidence”. The Executive will have the right to remove this person if the majority of the Executive are convinced this action is justified. A report of these actions shall be sent to the Member Clubs either by mail or posted on the NARSA e-mail list.

g.) A “vote of no confidence ” is required to remove a duly elected member of the Executive.
This requires notification to all Member Clubs (see Section 6) and requires a 75 percent vote of all member clubs to carry. During a two-month period, if merited, the Executive can, with a majority vote of the Executive suspend this Executive member until the outcome of the vote is determined.

h.) It is the responsibility of the Executive to ensure the Secretary provides each Member Club with a copy of this constitution and any further individual copies must be handled through the local clubs. New applicant clubs will receive a copy of this constitution after acceptance into NARSA Inc. by Member Clubs.

i.) Sub-Committees may be formed and disbanded by a majority vote of the Executive committee only.

j.) The NARSA Inc. Executive Committee shall comprise of the following duly elected members:


k.) At the end of their term, an Executive member shall turn in all files, properties, and any papers belonging to NARSA Inc. to the NARSA Inc. Secretary, and only if that member stands down,resigns or is defeated in an election.


3.2.1 The President’s primary objective is to ensure that all members of the Executive Committee perform in a manner conducive to the well being of NARSA Inc.

3.2.2 The President shall be the spokesperson for NARSA Inc. in all matters unless, through discussion and voting within the Executive, someone else has been appointed to act on his/her behalf. In this event, the NARSA Inc. Secretary shall advise the membership accordingly.

3.2.3 The President shall preside over all NARSA Inc. meetings unless he/she is unable to attend. In this event the Vice President shall assume this responsibility. If neither the President nor Vice President can attend a meeting, such meeting should be rescheduled. Meetings will be conducted under “Robert’s Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedures “. There shall be a copy of “Robert’s Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedures” at all meetings and any procedure questioned by a voting delegate be ruled upon in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedures. The books shall be owned by NARSA Inc. The President may appoint a Parliamentarian to adjudicate at any General Meeting

3.2.4 The President, Secretary and Treasurer shall all have signing privileges pertaining to NARSA Inc. financial matters. Each transaction shall require two signatures, one of which must be the Treasurer.

3.2.5 The President shall be accountable to all Member Clubs.

3.2.6 The President cannot make appointments to committee or confer member status to non-member clubs or individuals without official executive approval. The President is an ex-officio member of all appointed committees (except a nomination committee).

3.2.7 The President has the authority to call all Executive meetings and emergency meetings of all Member Clubs.

3.2.8 The President shall hold office for a period of two years and cannot run for consecutive terms, but is eligible to run at a later date.

3.2.9 The President shall not become eligible to re-run for the Presidency until two years after completion of his/her previous term of office. However, should the post remain open at the end of the Presidents term, the outgoing President would have the opportunity to be nominated for a consecutive term.


3.3 The Vice President shall assume all the responsibilities of the President in the event that the President is unavailable or unable to perform those duties.


3.4.1 The Treasurer is responsible for all financial transactions and for establishing and maintaining all bank accounts on behalf of NARSA Inc.

3.4.2 The Treasurer shall always be one of the signatures on all financial transactions pertaining to NARSA Inc. provided he/she is available.

3.4.3 The Treasurer shall report at each meeting on all income and expenditure for the prior months and give a balance of the books.

3.4.4 The Treasurer shall submit a detailed and audited financial report at the A.G.M. The report shall be handed out to Member Clubs.

3.4.5 The Treasurer shall make bank account books, balance books, and receipts available to the duly elected auditors for the purpose of an annual audit. These records shall be turned over to the auditors in sufficient time for the audit to be completed by the A.G.M., for presentation to the Member Clubs at the meeting. Any Member Club unable to attend the A. G. M. may request a financial statement from the Treasurer of NARSA Inc. prior to the A.G.M.

3.4.6 Two auditors will be appointed by the Member Clubs at the A.G.M. for the following year to inspect the books.


3.5.1 The Secretary shall be responsible for all internal and external correspondence.

3.5.2 The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping complete and accurate minutes of all executive and general meetings. These minutes shall be read out in full at the general meetings and must be proposed and seconded as true and accurate minutes.

3.5.3 A copy of the Agenda shall be shown on the NARSA Inc. e-mail list and web page whenever possible two weeks prior to the upcoming general meetings.

3.5.4 The general meeting minutes shall be posted on the NARSA Inc. private e-mail list. All meetings recorded shall be put on the NARSA Inc. private e-mail list and for those Member Clubs who do not have web access, shall receive a printed copy of all meetings recorded from the Secretary, upon request.

3.5.5 The Secretary shall report on all correspondence at all convened meetings. A designate from the Executive will undertake this task should the Secretary be absent from the said meeting.


3.6 There shall be four Directors:


The Directors must be a member in good standing from a Member Club.

3.6.1 The four Directors shall be voting members of the Executive Committee and participate in all NARSA Inc. business.

3.6.2 The four Directors are responsible for establishing their portfolio objectives for their term and can recruit Associates to assist them where required. Any/all Associates will not hold any formal office within NARSA Inc., nor will attend NARSA Inc. Executive Meetings unless permission is sought and
approved in advanced by the NARSA Inc. President.

3.6.3 The four Directors will report up to the Executive Committee on plans / targets / forecasts / performance to plan, etc., at each NARSA Inc. Executive Meeting, General Meetings, Annual General Meetings, and any Extraordinary General Meetings that are held.

4. Meetings, Elections (And voting)

4.1 NARSA Inc. shall meet a minimum of two times per year, one of which will be the Annual General Meeting. When appropriate, the General Meeting should be held in February at the site of the host club of the upcoming Convention. Other general meetings may be called at the discretion of the Executive should the need arise. The Executive shall meet at least four times per year (using electronic means) and issue minutes of said meetings to member clubs.

4.2 At any NARSA Inc. meeting, only paid up Member Clubs in attendance may participate in voting (one vote per club) and shall be entitled to vote on all proposals by the Executive or any other paid up Member Club. Attendance means being physically present or participating by whatever electronic means that NARSA Inc. deems satisfactory, (such as the NARSA Chat line), provided he/she has the Member Clubs’ voting delegate privilege. No voting at a meeting on a critical issue which has been communicated to all Member Clubs shall be permitted without the electronic means being available to all Member Clubs and no member shall be allowed to log-in without giving their own name and the club they represent.

4.3 Each club shall appoint a delegate to represent them at the A.G.M. This delegate must be a member in good standing with the Member Club being represented. The delegate must register with the NARSA Inc. Secretary prior to the A.G.M. and shall be the only person allowed to vote on any given issue during the A.G.M. in regards to their Member Clubs’ wishes.

4.4 The vote ratio to pass a duly moved and seconded motion shall be 50 percent plus one of all participating Member Clubs. However, in the case of disciplinary action, votes of no confidence and changes to the constitution, a 2/3 rd majority of all participating Member Clubs shall decide such issues. The NARSA Inc. Executives shall use every means possible to ensure all Member Clubs receive these motions and are included in the voting process for every ballot, but in particular, any vote requiring a 2/3 rd majority.

4.5 Any Member Club unable to attend a General Meeting can appoint an official representative, in writing, to the NARSA Inc Executive Committee, prior to the day of the meeting. Two Executive members of the Member Club in question must sign this letter. This official representative of the Member Club shall have proxy voting privileges on behalf of the Member Club that is being represented.

4.6 All new delegates must be publicized and identified to the members in attendance.

4.7 For election to Executive office, a member must be proposed and seconded. A majority vote shall decide all ballots. The procedure for elections to the Executive office shall be as follows:

a.) All proposed candidates should inform the NARSA Inc. Secretary of their intent to run for office two months prior to the date of the A.G.M. by submitting their name, the name of their club, and the title of the office, along with the name and club of their nominator and second to the NARSA Inc. Secretary,

b.) If only one candidate is nominated, in accordance with 4.7.a, for an office two months prior to the date of the A.G.M., then that person shall be elected to that specific office by acclamation.

c.) The NARSA Inc. Secretary shall issue a ballot list of all open positions that require voting one month prior to the date of the A.G.M. This ballot list shall be sent to all Member Clubs.

d.) If no nominations are received by the proscribed method as stated above for any given office, then nominations for that office shall be received up to and including the A.G.M.

e.) Once voting has been completed, the results shall be recorded by the NARSA Inc. Secretary and the ballots destroyed.

f.) The newly elected officers shall assume their responsibilities immediately after the closing of the A.G.M.

4.8 A.G.M.

4.8.1 Any future A.G.M. site will be decided two years in advance at the A.G.M. by the Member Clubs. All proposals for the A.G.M. site must be received by the NARSA Inc. Secretary by the methods as proscribed in Article 6 Section 1 of this Constitution from the applicant Member Clubs two months prior to the A.G.M. Each application will be presented to the Member Clubs at the A.G.M. Those Clubs will be required to make a presentation to the Member Clubs present at the A.G.M.

4.8.2 The NARSA Inc. Executive will ensure that all clubs bidding for the A.G.M. and convention are fully aware of the financial implications of holding such an event. No host club will be reimbursed through NARSA Inc. general funds for any monies that have been expended and are not budgeted for or recovered through the convention itself. The host Club will be responsible for following the guidelines provided to them by NARSA Inc.

4.8.3 NARSA Inc. shall be responsible for any costs that are required to accommodate guests of NARSA Inc. (e.g. players, or Rangers F.C. dignitaries) and/or any Executive costs that may be incurred over the course of the A.G.M. and convention.

4.8.4 Both NARSA Inc. Executive and the Member Club awarded the A. G. M. and convention shall be required to clearly define the responsibilities of both parties prior to any financial expenditure to ensure that neither party incur unnecessary expenditures that may commit those parties to a financial burden.

4.8.5 Convention Profit Sharing: Should NARSA Inc. make a financial profit on a convention, this profit shall be shared with the host club(s) in the form of a lump sum payment of 20% of the total profit. This payment will be made to the host club(s) in the currency of the convention country for that year, via Electronic Funds Transfer (or other mode of payment agreed between NARSA Inc. and host club(s)) within 30-days of all financial transaction closures related to the convention. Should NARSA make a financial loss on the convention, the host club will not be financially penalized as a result, and no monies will exchange hands upon full financial closure of the convention.

5. Amendments

5.1 This constitution shall be used for the purpose of governing NARSA Inc. and shall have no bearing on the administration of any Member Club or Association.

5.2 This constitution may only be changed at the A.G.M.

5.3 Any Member Club can submit a “Notice of Motion to Change the Constitution” by providing the N.A.R.S.A. Inc. Secretary with a written proposal at least two months prior to the A.G.M. This proposal should include a precise description of the changes and a cover letter outlining their reasons for said change(s).

5.4 Upon receipt, the NARSA Inc. Secretary will forward copies of any such proposal to each Member Club for review

5.5 Any such motion to change the constitution shall be voted on by Member Clubs at the A.G.M. The required vote ratio for passing constitutional changes shall be a 2/3 rd majority of all participating Member Clubs. After all votes are counted and formally read to the membership, results of any constitutional vote shall be considered final. When a constitutional change is formally passed, the change will be considered effective immediately and the constitution wording will be updated within 7 days of the A.G.M.

6. Correspondence

6.1 All communications between NARSA. Inc and member clubs relative to the constitution and normal business will be conducted electronically where possible.